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Parts and Costs




One of the questions I get asked most often is "how much will it cost to build my own robot?"

Well here is a parts list with prices. It doesn't include tools or materials to make armour/weapons with. If you're inventive you might use something like biscuit tins for the latter, so you can add an extra five pounds to 100 pounds to the list below, depending on what you can get your hands on or want to buy.

Also remember that you are building a fighting robot, and that you will be using the parts for purposes that they were never intended, they will probably break or blow up at some point and you will have to replace them.

  Four pack NiMh batteries

Futaba R114F Receiver
Futaba 4YF dry transmitter
Batteries with lead
Battery charger
Servo lead and switch harness

  Servos (three - to drive wheels and for a weapon)

Prices include postage, they will also probably have changed by the time you read this, so please check again.

Essential tools include a soldering iron, glue gun, some screwdrivers and pliers.


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