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These instructions show you how to build a simple antweight robot in six steps

1: Tape two modified servos together
2: Tape the servos to a piece of card or plastic - your chassis. Mine was approx 5 x 12cm. Just make sure you leave enough room at the sides to allow the wheels to rotate without rubbing the chassis
3: Tape a battery to the chassis. This one was a 2/3 AAA 300 mAh battery from Overlander
4: Tape a receiver to the chassis. This is a Futaba R114F 4 channel receiver.
5: Put the wheels on. You will already have attached (in this case taped) some wheels, or jar lids, or anything else wheel-like, to the servo horns that came with the servo.


6: Plug the battery into channel 4 (remember the black or brown wire goes at the bottom), the right servo lead into channel 1 and the left servo lead into channel 2. You have now built a simple antweight robot.

This robot weighs in at 77g so there are 73g left for armour, or perhaps another weapon.

Disclaimer: Building robots can be dangerous, any damage caused by following these instructions must be your own responsibility. Please take care.

Copyright © Simon Windisch 2010