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Many thanks to all the roboteers who have provided me with so much useful information and to all the shops who so faithfully sent me lovely robot parts through the post. Apologies to anyone I've missed out. It was not intentional.

Antweight sites


  • Sozbots: The US antweights are three times as big as ours, but still a useful site. Useful for motor controllers.
  • Robotcombat: Another US site. They have cool tyres
  • Overlander: Batteries and servo plugs. Good for LiPo batteries, but they don't stock antweight size NiMh batteries any more.
  • Strikalite: For Antweight (2/3AAA) size NiMh batteries, but you'll have to solder a lead and plug on yourself.
  • Dycem: Lovely rubber compound for grippy tyres
  • RS: Excellent for electronic parts and tiny nuts and bolts
  • Farnell: Similar to RS, useful for hard to find general engineering/technical stuff.
  • Al's Hobbies: There are a lot of similar small hobby stores out there. It's worth comparing prices between them.
  • Antics: Another hobby shop
  • Bricklink: A great way to stock up on Lego
  • Dave Brown Products: Order those Lectra Lite wheels direct
  • Indoor Flyer: Really small motors and Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Greenweld: Another great small shop. There are some great gadgets here as well as mechanical links and gears, pulleys etc.
  • Sussex Model Centre: If you can find what you're looking for, this is a great shop.
  • Technobots: mostly for robots larger than antweights, but get your polycarbonate here.
  • Midland Helicopters Radio Accessories: cheap Naro HP/BBs here. Highly recommended.
  • MUTR: Teaching resource site. Great for gears pulleys, wheels etc. Cheap as well.
  • South London Science & Tech Centre: Loads of plastic gears
  • Inertia Labs: Some unique and high quality stuff from here

Other robots

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